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    When working with SEE CONSTRUCTION, you're getting a skilled and dedicated team with a long-standing record of excellence. Delivering on promise, continuous honesty and openess, and an unmatched attention to detail are characteristics you'll find running through the halls of the office right down to your jobsite. Since we pride ourselves in taking the time to get to know you and your building project, consider these introductions as the beginning of a long-term working relationship.

    Right from the start of your project, you'll see how SEE has earned its outstanding reputation: our team. We are proud to employ the best in quality, best in dependability and best in downright friendliness. We've built a team that demonstrates dedication, prides itself on the "personal touch", and most importantly, cares about you and your project.

    So many key factors contribute to the overall execution of any building project especially one that's built with your dreams in mind. At SEE, we concentrate on the three pillars we consider inherently important to building success: quality, schedule, and budget and then everything else seems to fall into place.

    Building can be an overwhelmingly stressful process, but we're here to show you it doesn't have to be.

    Our values


    Here at SEE, nothing is more important to us than the quality of our finished product in your home. We will sacrifice little and compromise nothing to meet our joint expectations of extremely high quality.


    It's important to us for you to move into your new home as soon as you can. With that in mind, SEE has created specific companies, launched in-house divisions, and cultivated working relationships with reliable subcontractors to give us the best timeline control possible.


    We strive to estimate our costs as closely as we can. From there, we are as upfront and honest about any changes as we would be if it were our own home. And, we think you'll find our progressive billing process a helpful tool to stay in touch along the way.

    About Avi Osadon

    Avi Osadon has had his hands in construction, literally ever since he can remember. A second generation builder, Avi's father was the managing general contractor of Solel Bone, Israel's premier construction company, responsible for building most of Israel's high end multi-unit high rises. When you choose to build with Avi Osadon and See Construction, you will have complete confidence that you have entered into a partnership with a fully-engaged builder who cares as much about the fine details as you do. Where other builders consider a construction process contingent upon bricks, beams and mortar, Avi expands the concept to incorporate imagery, inspiration and intuition.

    The journey to building your new custom home is guided by you. As you venture into the exciting endeavor of building your luxury home with Avi Osadon, you will be joined by a team of passionate and talented professionals to steer you through the process. Effective communications insure that your vision and our expertise result in the home of your dreams.

    Experience, confidence, trust and a proven record of success are the cornerstones that helped Avi in forming See Construction. Over the years, Avi has earned a reputation for professionalism and integrity unparalleled in the construction industry. He continues the impressive heritage his father began and has added a fresh perspective of his own. "I consider each home I build as if it were my own, and I never compromise on the details." Avi's goal is to build a legacy for your family," "We want you to have something so unique and special that it is considered your mark on the world - your forever home. No detail is too small. No idea will be dismissed. Our mission is to listen, communicate and inform our clients, like a co-pilot, so that building a custom home is an enjoyable experience."




    145 N La Brea Ave | Los Angeles, CA 90036 | (310) 657-5100